Thursday, September 17, 2015

Morning Pages Inspiration

I was recently turned on to a creative practice called "Morning Pages" put into words by Julia Cameron. I've just relocated again and have been trying to develop a new routine with professional and creative productivity in mind, while doing my part time day job and cooking meals, and focusing on mental and physical health.

I really like the way Julia presents this idea, a focused form of journaling as the first thing one does in the morning. Start the day by emptying the brain of anxieties and ideas so that you may better focus on them throughout the day without worrying about forgetting them...confusing yes, but the near constant state of an anxious, creative mind.

I have always been partial to list making. That is how I am using this project. I'm starting the writing with my immediate to-do list: things I hope to accomplish during the day or the following day. Then I spin big ideas. My favorite part. Things I hope to accomplish or would like to spend more time thinking about. Ways to grow my business, things I would like to contribute to the community, all sorts of great things.

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