Monday, October 12, 2015

I Orderded a Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer!

I am going to own a laser! I have been stewing over this for a month. Should I buy one, can I justify the pricey purchase? Do I really need this? Making lists of pros and cons...the only thing ever on the con list is the today I placed an order for a Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer

If you want one for 50% off the retail price you can pre-order for another 15 days or so (check the website to be certain) and you will get $100 off if you use my link and so will I! I just pre-ordered a Glowforge 3D laser printer. It was an earlybird unit, so it was half price. They still have half-price units available, and this link is an EXTRA $100 coupon. Please, help me pay for this thing so I can make you amazing creations.

There are sooooo many things I can make with this and want to make. This tool will replace many processes I currently do by hand. Cutting of leather lace, cutting of vinyl records, cutting of fabric pieces. It will also bring in the ability to etch and pierce so many things! My favorite feature is I can hand draw anything, and place it in the Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer and it will cut that design into anything! As many times as I want. No need to train myself on Computer Aided Drawing though I would like to learn someday.

Wow, ok, so I am considering a GoFundme/Kickstarter Project which will have amazing laser cut gifts at the different donation levels. Stay tuned.

 Here are images of some of my work I hope to improve by using the Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer:

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Busy in the Studio

After leaving my studio to its own devices for 8 months, I finally have dug it out, organized it and have it at a point where it is functional. Hallelujah!!

That said, I've been busy. Here's some proof for you:

Finished wrapping a large custom order. Now I just need to purchase some more supplies to finish.

A photo posted by Virginia (@yazberryfashion) on

Work in progress. By the end of the day I will finally have a price for these beauties.

A photo posted by Virginia (@yazberryfashion) on

Just finished some custom order leather Men's / unisex bracelets.

A photo posted by Virginia (@yazberryfashion) on

Want more content like this? I have been really enjoying using Instagram recently and post a couple images a day most days. I had no idea this was a good website fit for me interest-wise but have really been inspired by seeing great photos of life all over the world, every day. Follow me on Instagram yazberryfashion.

Friday, September 18, 2015

3D Lasers & Leather?

I have been thinking about learning how to use and incorporate laser printing and cutting in my leather design process. While I love hand cutting leather, and will likely continue to as a sort of "originals vs. prints" concept, I have been wanting to automate the process by making my hand drawn ideas CAD designs and then learning how to program a laser printer or cutter to cut these designs.

There is a new product out there Glowforge which could make this possible at home! You can cut wood, leather, etch glass, cut many interesting applications. If you get a chance flip through their galleries because there are already so many amazing things this printer has made...

I want a Glowforge so bad! Meanwhile, I think last year I read about a makers group in St. John's that has a laser in their collection of tools. I may need to further investigate...

If you want one too, you can sign up for their mailing list to get this awesome tool 1/2 off.

"The 3D laser printer that makes beautiful things, quickly.

Our first Glowforges will be half price.
We don't want you to miss out."

Screen Capture from the Glowforge website available 9.18.15

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Morning Pages Inspiration

I was recently turned on to a creative practice called "Morning Pages" put into words by Julia Cameron. I've just relocated again and have been trying to develop a new routine with professional and creative productivity in mind, while doing my part time day job and cooking meals, and focusing on mental and physical health.

I really like the way Julia presents this idea, a focused form of journaling as the first thing one does in the morning. Start the day by emptying the brain of anxieties and ideas so that you may better focus on them throughout the day without worrying about forgetting them...confusing yes, but the near constant state of an anxious, creative mind.

I have always been partial to list making. That is how I am using this project. I'm starting the writing with my immediate to-do list: things I hope to accomplish during the day or the following day. Then I spin big ideas. My favorite part. Things I hope to accomplish or would like to spend more time thinking about. Ways to grow my business, things I would like to contribute to the community, all sorts of great things.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

YazBerry on Instagram (& Twitter)

I've been tweeting for a few years now but mostly YazBerry related stuff. In an attempt at soul searching and figuring out what it is that makes me tick this past winter, it occurred to me that I read A LOT of articles online daily. I enjoy cruising my facebook feed for interesting articles friends post and also all of the news sources I follow. I started tweeting links to the things I read, to take a pulse on what interests me. Deep down I think I am hoping it will inspire a career shift and focus.

I love making things, but I also need to make a living. I am hoping it will help me hone in on something that allows both jointly. 

In a further layer of soul searching, I've given myself permission to experiment with instagram. To see what visually makes me tick and how I spend my day. I am a very private person and don't often invite people into my home - in which I am the boss of every creative detail! I also don't like to overshare on the internet (shockingly I have experienced stalkers in the I know). 

All of this said, if you would like a more intimate look into what makes this creative person tick, please, I invite you to follow me on InstagramTwitter and as always, thank you for your continued support. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Collaborative Twins! Earrings Project, Round 2

I've completed my batch of recycled, repurposed, refashioned earrings for the collaborative earring project I've been working on with Industrial Grace Restoration. I am excited to see what she makes to match these perfectly mismatched earrings!