Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Friday, January 17, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: Leather Lace

The Leather Lace Collection features hand cut leather lace necklace, bracelets and earrings. I might even try a new ring concept soon! My leather lace collection is one of my most detailed and highest skilled techniques. I have written some background on my technique and inspiration before, and recently produced a short "making of" film which is available on youtube.

Bold and eye catching. Delicate like lace but with the strength of leather. Sometimes imitating metal, sometimes paper. Always distinct and free hand cut by me. Some producers use lasers to mass produce leather filigree jewelry. I do not. I pride myself in a steady hand and the ability to visually transfer a drawn design to leather by simply using small knives and piercing tools. I am good, really good. My free hand cut leather jewelry rivals and surpasses designs cut by lasers time and time again!

Most of these designs I can make in any color of leather or reproduce in similar look to what is featured. Many are currently available on my Etsy shop and on my facebook page. Inspired? Have a design you'd like to see in leather? Contact me to discuss custom jewelry options.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: Ocean Artifacts

The Ocean Artifacts Collection where beach combing is my muse...Addicted to treasure hunting on any beach I can get to. I always leave with pockets full of treasures...I have a rock problem, beach glass, metal bits, bones, driftwood...addicted.

In my personal collection I have many interesting glass bottles, distinct pieces of pottery and glass in interesting hues. I also have perfectly round stones, an ancient tobacco pipe stem, strange metal pieces... In my jewelry collection I often wire wrap sea glass in a simple and fresh spiral motif. I pair pottery chards with semi-precious stones. I mix glass with chain and many other materials.

You can find my ocean artifacts on my Etsy shop and on my facebook page. Most pictured are still available, some have found great homes however. Inspired by something you see? Have a favorite color of glass you would like made into jewelry? Contact me and I can discuss a custom piece with you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: Urban Vintage

The Urban Vintage Collection is the modern mash-up of my earth loving, recycling fanatic self and my vintage loving, fashionista self. It features found objects, metal components with yummy patina and verdigris, salvaged vintage elements from discarded clothing and jewelry, carefully paired with new findings and elements. Reduce, reuse, recycle, fashion. Raw, modern, edgy, industrial, yet elegant and sophisticated. Urban vintage may sound like it contradicts itself but it's that contradiction that makes its beauty. Many pieces have sold but some are still available on my facebook page and on my Etsy shop. Loving this look but not seeing quite what you desire? Fear not, you can contact me and share your ideas and I can create a custom piece for you.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Red Record Hoop Earrings

You could win these earrings by simply sharing the picture and giveaway info on facebook. Here is the link on my facebook page with all of the details.
GIVEAWAY TIME: Just share on facebook for a chance to win! Winner will be chosen at random from the names on the "shared by" list this Friday evening at 8 pm NL time (EST +1.5). Thank you! These are made from vinyl records...the old 45's paired with natural coral nuggets on silver tone metal hoops. Retail for $22.

Monday, January 13, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: The Peaceful Macabre

The Peaceful Macabre Collection is influenced by my time in Salem, MA. A city filled with witchcraft, fascination with occult and more psychics per capita than any other place I've lived. There is a famous old historic graveyard in the center of town, The Burying Point. It's been their since 1637 and is pretty creeping, not to mention some of the significant historic inhabitants. I am generally not a fan of graveyards but living in New England, there are a lot of neat old graveyards worth a stumble through. I became fascinated with the historic symbols on the headstones: skulls with angel wings. They were very popular back in that day and variations appear on most stones. I continue to be curious about gravestone symbolism. Here in Newfoundland, hands, especially pointing hands feature heavily on old gravestones. Pointing to heaven, shaking hands. Interesting iconography.

I also enjoy bones, finding them on the beach, carved bones (creepy I know). I have a skull, lots of animal teeth I have found, fish bones, insides of seagull beaks...creepy stuff on my curiosity shelf. If I ever get back to NYC I am stopping in the shop featured on Oddities for sure :-D This said The Peaceful Macabre Collection features skulls, bones and sea urchin quills. Dark, menacing components that I have reframed in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

The skulls I use are hand carved Mala beads. Mala beads are used in Buddist prayer and meditation and are used to count passages in meditation. Dark and very peaceful. Growing up landlocked I have thrived on having access to the ocean and beach combing. While North Atlantic sea urchins only produce small green quills, I discovered Asia Pacific sea urchins produce enormous quills varying in color and design. Combining all of the dark beauties into peaceful jewelry is something I love. Here are some members of The Peaceful Macabre Collection. Most are currently available on my Facebook page or on my Etsy store. Do you have a peaceful macabre side you wish to explore? Inspired by something you see but have a cool idea for something you really want? Message me and I would love to design something for you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: The Bohemians

The Bohemians Collection are worldly creatures. They are inspired by my travels to foreign lands. By my interactions with different cultures and constant personal study of textiles and design from ethnic traditions around the world. Some are Asian influenced, some are West-African influenced, some draw inspiration from my travels to Morocco. Open up the spice cabinet, shake on some berbere, join in a drum circle and have a little stir fry while you are at it. Mostly earrings, as they are so fun to make, but also some necklaces at times, such as the Incan Quipu inspired necklace below, inspired by my travels to Peru and climbing Machu Picchu with my wild imagination peering around corners. You can find The Bohemians on my Etsy shop and on my Facebook page. Are you inspired by a journey you took to a far off land and want me to create something to commemorate it? Fascinated by a near or distant culture? Let me know what you are thinking, I would enjoy creating a custom piece for you.