Thursday, July 01, 2010

YazBerry Handmade Fashion July Class Schedule

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**Parents, please use your best judgment if you feel your child is the right age to participate in the various workshops. You are welcome and encouraged to come along to help them out as you see fit. I encourage interest in the arts as early as possible.**

Fri 9, 6 PM FREE—Demonstration: Hand Cut Leather Lace
Unlimited, Space Permitting
Open to all ages.

I will demonstrate how I hand cut leather to make leather lace bracelets and jewelry. I will cover the basic skills and techniques used in Chinese & Japanese Cut Paper art and how I have applied these techniques to leather. I will share the history on cut paper art, educate participants on other cultures, such as Mexican, with a history of cut paper art.

Wed 14, 7 PM FREE—Workshop: Basic Sewing Skills/Make a Sewing Kit

5-15 Participants
Open to all ages.

Younger children should be supervised as use of sewing machines & hot iron may be required.
Participants will learn how to sew on a button, mend a tear, hide a snag and hem pants. Basic instructions on how to use a needle and thread and a sewing machine will be taught. Insider tips and tricks will be shared. Participants will use the skills learned to make a simple sewing kit to hold needles, thread, pins etc. that I will provide.

Sat 17, 4 PM FREE—Workshop: Fashion Design Drawing
10-20 Participants
Open to all ages.

Participants will learn how to draw clothing design ideas from different perspectives: front, side, back. They will be given instruction on how to emulate pleats, texture, print, volume etc. in their drawings. If participants wish to later construct their designs, suggestions on how much fabric and which materials they need will be given.

Wed 21, 7 PM $15—Workshop: Recycled T-Shirt Fashion Project (2 sessions)
5-15 Participants
Open to all ages.
Younger children should be supervised as use of sewing machines & hot iron may be required.

Session I: Participants will take a look at a conventional t-shirt and will explore ways to restyle it, give new life and make it into something completely different. A restyled shirt? A skirt? A Dress? A Purse? Something entirely new and different?

Date TBD- Session II Student Performance: While participants are thinking about how to re-envision one of the most conventional garments out there, they will be challenged to re-envision the fashion show and other means of presenting a body of garments. Participants will plan and execute whatever form of fashion presentation the group chooses.

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