Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hand Cut Leather Lace Demonstration

Here are some pictures from the Hand Cut Leather Lace Demonstration last week outside of my YazBerry Handmade Fashion Store on Artists' Row in Salem, MA.

Friday, July 9 at 6 PM. I had a half dozen interested minds stop by to learn about the history of cut paper art and how I have adapted this art form to cut leather lace. Pictured are samples of my work in leather, an example of Chinese cut paper art (circular picture with fish in red) and hanging behind me is iParty's rendition of Mexican Papel Picado (which is typically done in tissue paper). Also pictured are my tools.

Stop by this week to check out the next two free workshops I'm offering:
Wed 14, 7 PM FREE—Workshop: Basic Sewing Skills/Make a Sewing Kit
5-15 Participants
Open to all ages.
Younger children should be supervised as use of sewing machines & hot iron may be required.
Participants will learn how to sew on a button, mend a tear, hide a snag and hem pants. Basic instructions on how to use a needle and thread and a sewing machine will be taught. Insider tips and tricks will be shared. Participants will use the skills learned to make a simple sewing kit to hold needles, thread, pins etc. that I will provide.

Sat 17, 4 PM FREE—Workshop: Fashion Design Drawing
10-20 Participants
Open to all ages.
Participants will learn how to draw clothing design ideas from different perspectives: front, side, back. They will be given instruction on how to emulate pleats, texture, print, volume etc. in their drawings. If participants wish to later construct their designs, suggestions on how much fabric and which materials they need will be given.

To see what other great workshops, performances and demonstrations will be offered by other Artists on Artists' Row, check out the All Artists' Row calendar.

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