Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mmmm, Pointy Hand Open Sign

Steve & I set up several fixtures and display details in the store this week. The highlights include the dressing area. (Better pictures pending). We used a hula hoop and I hand sewed the curtains around it.

This is a vine a kind artist, Dan Brown, of the Salem Arts Association gave me. I've shellacked it and mounted it on these plant hangers that cast a lovely shadow when all the lights are on. Purses will hang from this to take advantage of verticle display space.

My store mate, a potter, found this great letterpress drawer which I've turned into a jewelry display rack. I strung wire between eye screws. Earrings will hang from this. The drawer has this delightful mechanism, originally intended to keep it from falling out of it's cabinet, which, now that I've oriented it sideways, serves as a simple mechanism that moves up and down when you press the button. I couldn't resist the opportunity to turn this into an animated sculpture complete with cheeky old timey "Press Here" label with pointy hand. After brainstorming a few ideas, I ended up with butterflies. When the button is pressed, the butterflies flutter.

My love of old timey pointy hands extends to my open sign. I traced the outline on a board, Steve artfully cut it with a skill saw. I sanded it and sculpted the knuckles and then painted it.


  1. amazing! LOVE the letterpress installation!

  2. Thank you. It looks even better with the earrings on the wires. I'll post pictures of that once it is installed in the store.