Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finishing Touches on Display elements

What a busy week scouring my favorite stuff (aka junk) stores for treasures and unique quirky display components. I'd searched the internet for necklace displays and was having a heckuva time finding the fabric I liked in the shape and size I liked for a price I was willing to pay when...lo and behold...I stumbled into Jerry's Department Store aka Witch City Consignment here in Salem and found that had just purchased an enormous lot of props from 20th Century Fox which included necklace displays and mannequins (passed on the mannequins).

I picked up several used necklace displays which I took home, stripped of their dressing and made patterns to make new covers out of black velvet. They are finished and DELICIOUS if I do say so myself. Here is a quick peek as well as a peek of a soon to be listed necklace I just made (top).
I also found this delightfully quirky Victorian drying rack which is wall mounted and will hang high above the glass display counter I have. I will mount purses on it. This is a similar one splayed out (mine's not mounted yet, thank you Google images for this one).

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