Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Average American Doesn't Wear 25% of their Clothes

Sustainability is a passion of mine. I obsessively reduce, reuse and recycle. I'm always excited to discover new ways to increase the sustainability of our planet. This week I discovered an interesting website taking a fresh approach to sustainability.

If you're not quite ready to exchange your clothes in a clothes swap, like I described recently, this site is the solution for you. This site allows you to exchange item for item, based on similar value/style etc. instead of you gambling on finding something you like at a clothes swap. is a Harvard Business School student's answer to the 25% of underutilized assets in our closets.

This is a free service in which members can upload descriptions of the clothes they aren't using. They then rank them based on trend, brand, price etc. thredUP uses these characteristics to find matches in the member database; people who wear the same size or have similar taste. For more specific details, check out their FAQ

What happens once you have a match? You and your match exchange clothes through the mail. If you are looking for an even more focused exchange, they offer account upgrades that allow you to see more specific items before you do an exchange.

My recommendation: start here if you're not sure swapping is for you. Once you get addicted, come join us at clothes swaps and enjoy the sustainable treasure hunt that they are!

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