Monday, March 01, 2010

Clothes Swaps: The Perfect Solution for Frugal Fashionistas

I felt inspired to share my sentiments on clothing swaps because I just discovered I have some link love on Miss Amy, The Bargain Hunter Extraordaniare's blog! Thank you Amy, your blog is fun and enjoyable. Be sure to check it out.

Her current post is about an interesting web based clothes swap Christina from Fabulocity in Amish Country is organizing amongst a group of fashion bloggers. Check out Amy's blog to read the details. What a fun idea. You should also take a peek at Christina's blog for some great outfits!

The above model is a much more organized clothes swap than I am used to and takes some dedication beyond what some frugal fashionistas may be up for, but think it could be a ton of fun. There are two clothing swap scenarios that I would like to recommend to beginning swappers and all frugal fashionistas.

One: the friend clothes swap. You get together with a group of your friends at one of your homes, munchies and bevvies highly recommended. I like to make a party out of any gathering :) Each participant uses the gathering as the best excuse ever for a closet clean out and brings a bag...several bags of their clothes to exchange with the other friends.

The best scenario is if all of you wear about the same size give or take a size or 3 in either direction. Even more fun is if you are each slightly different body shapes cuz something from your closet that looks awful on you might actually look awesome on your bff who has wider hips and shoulders.

The next model is one of my favorites and is soooo much fun too! Miss Punky of Punky Style organizes huge versions of this clothing swap model in the Boston & Worcester MA areas. She actually just teamed up with Melissa of ShoeString Magazine (an excellent source for all things frugal, thrifty and budget friendly) to start a group for clothes swaps. Follow them on twitter @theswapaholics for news on clothing swaps and more!

The large scale clothing swap model requires a large public space, some advertising and a team of people to collect the clothes before the start of the swap and sort them. Best bet is to have a drop off earlier in the day...say 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Then open the swap for collecting the clothes at 11:30 AM. This is the basic idea.

More elaborate ideas include collaborating with area vendors and offering discounts and giveaways to swap attendees to check out in the time between drop off and swap open. Check out the Swapaholics for insight on some of the collaborative models.

Bottom line, clothes swaps are awesome. I personally have acquired some amazing pieces, name brand, vintage, mint condition, rare, unique gorgeous goodies from the clothes swaps I've attended. I am a huge advocate of clothes swaps. Try it!

Recycle, reuse, repurpose and relove clothes :)

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