Sunday, March 01, 2009

Design Hive Market is Better than Honey!

Disregard the cheesy title, I'm just excited! I stumbled upon an incredible designer's market today by way of my favorite fashion blogger's myspace page: Punky Style. Be sure to check out her fashion blog and her vintage store on

Design Hive Market

Punky collaborated with and, to organize another fabulous (and huge!! about three times the size of the impressive swap she held in Worcester in August 2008, Swap 'til you Drop (click link to view my blog entry & photos)!) clothing swap! I brought a small bag of clothes to swap and had to send myself home quickly as I found TOO MANY things I liked including a mint DKNY Sweater...oh yeah, the swap was that good.

The quantity of cool things at the Design Hive Market almost need two entries to write about...but instead I will bless you with one, really long, juicy entry. I am completely enamored of Designer Nicole Deponte's line lilian asterfield. She repurposes vintage neckties into some beautiful neckware and obi style belts for women! I bought my self a scrumptious belt and am actually wearing it as I write this blog (along with an outfit I acquired at the swap today, yay insta-dress-up)...that's right!
Designer Virginia E. Berry wearing lilian asterfield obi belt and treasures from today's swap!
I can honestly say this is some of the most innovative design work I have seen for a long time. Her architectural shapes really flatter the neck, waist and the vintage ties used. Wonderful color combinations and textures abound. And definitely the most innovative design work I have found at a market.

I was also very impressed with the unique shapes and fabric combinations used by Designer Saya Cullinan of Saya Studio. Saya generously answered my prying questions about her line and such. Thank you Saya!

There was a lot of stunning jewelry at the Design Hive Market today, however two Designer's collections really stand out: who has really great shapes and tasty color combinations and by Designer Cadence Mapes, whose love for paper not only lends itself to tempting packaging but bold jewelry as well!

The all out win for most creative packaging ever is and Designer Jonathan. Zamforia t-shirts which have hip urban graphics and feature the word love in many different languages, come packaged in slick potato chip bags along with toys and other goodies! Talk about addicting!


The end.

Please note: Design Hive logo originally found on . Saya Studio Purse image found on Saya Studio's store


  1. I'm glad you had fun, Love your belt, I wanted to pick up one of her neck ties, But I only had a minute away from the swap. So ill have to get one on etsy.

  2. Thanks again for organizing the swap Punky. You should totally look for one of her neck pieces on etsy, they are so great!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments! Hope to see you again!

  4. oops..I also meant to write that I love her belts and neckwraps, too! I bought one for a christmas gift at design hive in December!