Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Swap 'til You Drop!

If I could describe this event in one word it would be: Brilliant!

Miss Punky of, a style blogger and purveyor of fine vintage goodies, hosted a clothing Swap where you clean out your closet, bring a large sack of clothes you no longer love, spread them across tables sorted by type of clothing and then have free reins to rummage through all other participants clothes and find yourself some new treasures to take home! And the great part of it all is any unloved clothes leftover at the end of the Swap are donated to the Goodwill!

My roommate, Doria Grace and I did an intensive closet purge last week with the assistance of Stacy Prince (who also contributed some goodies) in preparation for this Swap. We contributed a good garbage bag each and came home with a handful of wonderful treasures (good labels and many like new and even new with tags items).

We arrived at the Lucky Dog in Worcester, MA to find tables piled high with treasures! It was like your best friend gave you free rein to dig through her closet and take anything you wanted no obligation, no need to return, no fee, just pure free clothing. You really must try this at home kids.

Here are some pictures so you can see just how cool the Swap was!
Virginia E. Berry & Doria Grace in High Swapping ActionVirginia E. Berry & Doria Grace in High Swapping Action

The Whole Swap Sponsored by Punkystyle.comThe Whole Swap Sponsored by

Since I was selfish and didn't tell you readers about this event in advance, here are some swapping related links to make it up to you (care of Miss Punky's MySpace post). And, I strongly encourage you to organize a Swap with just your friends or in your area!
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Please note: Swap image originally found on in her blog. Photos are courtesy of Punky's My Punch Bowl photo album.

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