Monday, October 12, 2015

I Orderded a Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer!

I am going to own a laser! I have been stewing over this for a month. Should I buy one, can I justify the pricey purchase? Do I really need this? Making lists of pros and cons...the only thing ever on the con list is the today I placed an order for a Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer

If you want one for 50% off the retail price you can pre-order for another 15 days or so (check the website to be certain) and you will get $100 off if you use my link and so will I! I just pre-ordered a Glowforge 3D laser printer. It was an earlybird unit, so it was half price. They still have half-price units available, and this link is an EXTRA $100 coupon. Please, help me pay for this thing so I can make you amazing creations.

There are sooooo many things I can make with this and want to make. This tool will replace many processes I currently do by hand. Cutting of leather lace, cutting of vinyl records, cutting of fabric pieces. It will also bring in the ability to etch and pierce so many things! My favorite feature is I can hand draw anything, and place it in the Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer and it will cut that design into anything! As many times as I want. No need to train myself on Computer Aided Drawing though I would like to learn someday.

Wow, ok, so I am considering a GoFundme/Kickstarter Project which will have amazing laser cut gifts at the different donation levels. Stay tuned.

 Here are images of some of my work I hope to improve by using the Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer:

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