Thursday, October 08, 2015

Busy in the Studio

After leaving my studio to its own devices for 8 months, I finally have dug it out, organized it and have it at a point where it is functional. Hallelujah!!

That said, I've been busy. Here's some proof for you:

Finished wrapping a large custom order. Now I just need to purchase some more supplies to finish.

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Work in progress. By the end of the day I will finally have a price for these beauties.

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Just finished some custom order leather Men's / unisex bracelets.

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Want more content like this? I have been really enjoying using Instagram recently and post a couple images a day most days. I had no idea this was a good website fit for me interest-wise but have really been inspired by seeing great photos of life all over the world, every day. Follow me on Instagram yazberryfashion.

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