Thursday, July 04, 2013

YazBerry Wins Prize for Best Booth at Canada Day Garden Party, Bonavista

Mayor Betty Fitzgerald of Bonavista, NL, presented Designer Virginia E. Berry-Phillips with the prize for best booth at the Canada Day Garden Party, July 1, 2013, Mockbeggar Plantation, Bonavista, NL. 
 These are 'after' shots following a breezy day we are all a bit wind blown but you get the idea. Walls were covered in tablecloths (a favorite element of the Mayor's).
 "I'll have the YazBerry!" one of a kind jewelry selections served up on glass platters. An informed visitor told me the tall cake stand is likely 100+ years old as it appears to be formed of one piece and has air bubbles in it leading her to believe it is hand blown. Also, the pattern in the cut work indicates that as well. Excellent thrifted score!
 The Mayor, many visitors and two adorable tiny girls (who brought me lilacs to add to it) were all highly impressed with my wildflower arrangement. Lupins, orange flowers I think are in the dandelion family and clover. The green tray was purchased at an antique sale in the home of a member of the Ryan retail family in Trinity.
 My husband is the best and fabricated this cool earring display for me out of old raw cut fence slating and posts. Did I mention, he's the best!
 A fish/squid jigger hangs from the wall and the line has been tacked up to hold earrings. My creative husband's idea.

My fabulous, Art Deco era, antique bird cage holds my hand cut leather lace collection. Many of my pieces pull from the Art Deco aesthetic. This booth is a rough draft for the 4 day long sale I will have at the annual Puffin Festival in Elliston, NL, July 18-21. For more info visit their website.

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