Monday, June 25, 2012

YazBerry Spring Candle Holders - Right on Trend

Star Tribune
Periodically I get important phone calls from my dad about newsworthy info of which I may be interested. This article was one of those calls. Found last week in the Star Tribune Variety section, a DIY on candle holders made from salvaged furniture springs. The full article can be viewed online here.
Just a couple weeks before I made some YazBerry salvaged spring candle holders. Mine feature very heavy springs and thick teal blue salvaged antique telephone wire insulators as the candle holder. I agree with Designer Kim Yeager of Lark Nest Designs, they can double as bud vases!
YazBerry Fashion Salvaged Spring Candle holders/Vases
Stop in The Local Joint in Northfield, MN to buy a YazBerry Fashion candle holder/vase and save yourself the hunt for the parts as springs aren't as readily available as t
+he article makes them out to be. These springs are the first I've seen in my years of flea marketing.

*Images from the Star Tribune article are copyright their respective owners.


  1. I love these Virginia!

    1. Thanks Sara! They are all still available. Not the right product for The Local Joint. I love 'em too.