Sunday, June 17, 2012

Needlepoint - A Home Decor Staple Making Appearances on the Runway

Elle magazine cover, July 2012, top by Balmain

Detail of top by Balmain from the Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection. 

Needlepoint is a classic handicraft in the embroidery family which traditionally would use thread to cover a stiff woven canvas; often for framed art and durable furniture accents.

Inspired by the gorgeous (multi-thousand dollar) tunic by Balmain featured on the cover of the July 2012 Elle, I grabbed my camera and tried to capture as many of the eye catching needlepoint pieces I could track down in The Local Joint today.  

The offerings range from throw pillows to framed art, to brooches (a YazBerry Vintage find) and furniture! There are several of us pickers that have an eye for amazing needlepoint. We bring a delicious variety into the store and it sells quickly and changes often. 

YazBerry Vintage has already seen several of my needlepoint finds fly off the shelves into the homes of fashionable people. 

I've assembled this photo essay to share with you some needlepoint options that are more attainable and practical than the gorgeous Balmain tunic I wish would show up in my closet ;)...

Shop on dear friends. Come visit The Local Joint in Northfield, MN to get your hands on some of these amazing needlepoint pieces!
Needlepoint throw pillow bouquet in dark green and oranges. 
Floral spray seat cushion.
Sweet daisies.

Delightful footstool in pale blue and rose.
God Bless our Home in gilded frame.

Sweet children with dog, duck and umbrella. 

Small pin cushion, black background and bright greens.
Pair of dusty pink runners with fruit and flowers.
Framed black background with bright pink roses.
Petit point brooch with tiny roses. 

Unframed needlepoint lilies with needle and thread still attached

*Images from Balmain & Elle magazine are copyright their owners. 

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