Saturday, December 31, 2011

ArtScraps; Recycling, Thrifting & Art Supplies. Heaven!

I spent the afternoon at a true St. Paul, MN treasure (which having grown up in MN I am shocked, appalled and totally bummed and I hadn't heard of before this month). ArtScraps is a self described "reuse store". It stocks industrial seconds, scrap, samples, donated supplies, bits and bobbles intended to inspire and supply the artist. Part brilliant recycling plan, part treasure hunters paradise, entirely great, economical place to find unique art supplies. I am in love!

If you live anywhere in driving distance from the Twin Cities, and like to make things, ArtScraps is not to be missed. The prices can't be beat. For someone like myself that scours antique shops, junk shops, flea markets and other dusty confines, this is a great place to shop because chances are most of what they stock may be what I'm looking for.

ArtScraps is run by ArtStart an arts education organization. Here are some pics of my loot. Thrilled and looking forward to creating.

Upholstery samples. Leather samples. Vintage buttons. Jewelry making bits.

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