Saturday, July 23, 2011

Riverwalk Market Fair, Drowned Today

Sorry folks, we were literally drowned out today, closed up shop around 10:00 AM. Several artists had merchandise damaged, tents broken (including ours) and were generally soggy. We were standing in 6+ inches of water clinging to our tent in a storm that flooded the streets and knocked out the power. My phone was also floating in this water...for a good 30 mins before I noticed. Trying the rice trick.

Die hards. Crazies and home drying out my creations and ourselves. A million thanks to my mother for helping me not lose everything and for impressively not killing each other during this adventure. Here are a few peeks at the aftermath on the home front.

We lost most of our signs (it's ok, they were slated to be updated) some of the beach pottery, ocean artifact jewelry broke, and I suspect a few earrings washed into the Cannon River to become artifacts for some lucky soul in the future. Actual total damage report still pending. Well, it will be a busy week repairing and not creating. Mother nature really is a bitch. I'd also like to curse the meteorologists for with all of the technology they have, still have a difficult time giving an accurate weather forecast. On a positive note, time for new signs and tags and reorganizing.

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