Friday, July 16, 2010

YazBerry Fashion Hosts Lady Hawk on Artists' Row

Miss Sarah Montgomery, more widely recognized as Lady Hawk, came to my hand cut leather lace demonstration last week and we chatted about her handmade work. She makes beautiful Native American Dream Catchers, sage smudge and some jewelry as well. This Thursday during the Farmer's Market, I hosted Lady Hawk outside my store on Artists' Row where she offered free face painting to kids and had her creations available for sale.

Her dream catchers are incredibly well made. I know, I used to make dream catchers as a child and find hers to be much more ornate and more tightly woven than those I could ever make (and I thought I did a pretty good job as a kid ;) ). Her sage smudge smells great too!

You can find Lady Hawk throughout Salem each week, she does medicine readings, face painting and sells her wears in front of various stores throughout town. Here are some pictures.

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