Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fashion Design Drawing Class - Fun!

(Pictured are Remi, Lindley and myself)

I had a nice turnout today in the thickest humidity I've experienced all summer. Thank you Salem Gazette for publishing my class as it brought out a few curious minds. Here are some pictures from today's class. Thank you Dan & Arlene Browne for loaning me the Salem Arts Association sign today too. Definitely helped with visibility. And while I'm doling out thank yous, thanks for snapping a few shots of the class Debra Crosby, greatly appreciated!

If you missed today's class but are interested in the basics of fashion design drawing, stop by the store, I have some worksheets and tips I would be happy to share with you so you can go home and try fashion design drawing.

The awesome sign Dan & Arlene leant me for the afternoon.

Some tools we used today and one of my sample drawings.

Arlene Browne busy drawing.

Arlene again, another of my sample drawings and some more tools.

If you want to try your hand at designing and making your own clothes and accessories, then this next workshop is for you. Please note, advanced registration is required for this class so I can purchase the appropriate materials. If there are no registrations by Tuesday, July 20, I will unfortunately have to cancel this workshop. There is still time to sign up for:
Wed., July 21, 7 PM $15—Workshop: Recycled T-Shirt Fashion Project (2 sessions)
5-15 Participants
Open to all ages.
Younger children should be supervised as use of sewing machines & hot iron may be required.
Session I: Participants will take a look at a conventional t-shirt and will explore ways to restyle it, give new life and make it into something completely different. A restyled shirt? A skirt? A Dress? A Purse? Something entirely new and different?

Date TBD- Session II Student Performance: While participants are thinking about how to re-envision one of the most conventional garments out there, they will be challenged to re-envision the fashion show and other means of presenting a body of garments. Participants will plan and execute whatever form of fashion presentation the group chooses.

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