Thursday, November 12, 2009

New YazBerry Design Studio

Favorite excuse for chaos: I'm not messy, I'm creative.

Here is a photographic tour of my new design studio in Salem, MA.

Overall view. I have a lot of floor space however the table is set up so I can quickly rotate from my machine to my cutting table. Also, I still need to find 'more organized' homes for some of the stuff in the floor. All and all, mostly functional at this point shortly after the move :)

My sewing table. I acquired a new machine for free at a yard sale. It is a work horse and great for straight seam sewing. I was surprised it worked upon plugging it in (the orange flowered cover in the corner gives you an idea of its age).

Organized chaos. I know where everything is.

I have a room with a view. I'm on top of a hill and can see the sunset from here!

My fabric stash. Sorted in color order. I think better that way.

The coolest part of this room is all of the storage. It is in the top floor of the house and I have huge finished closets in each of the eaves as well as a walk in closet for my own clothes!

The YazBerry warehouse! All vintage and handmade lovelies live here until you adopt them into your home! (Considering an adoption? visit!)

I even have a built in cedar closet to protect all of the delicate fibers like silks and wools!

Awesome space to store purses.

The collection as viewed from...the other end!

Here is a quick peek at my personal closet...not finished organizing it yet...but have lots of shelves and hanger rods on both sides to do so. I've always wanted to know what some of my favorite designers have in their closets. As you can see my color palate runs from my closet into my store. That is indeed consistent!


<3 Virginia


  1. Wow I love it! Design Studios are so inspiring!

    Milana from

  2. Thank you Milana. I always enjoy seeing other creative people's work spaces.


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