Monday, November 09, 2009

An Early Fashionista?

Treasure hunting this Sunday in Salem with a couple of good friends, Kate & Michael, I found this delightfully quirky antique photo in my favorite local shop, Witch City Consignment (the old Jerry's Department Store...I like to call it Jerry's as that's what the sign says but I think my non-localness shows with that misnomer).

I've always been intrigued by old photos and have secretly wanted to collect them, but never have. So, upon this discovery, my antique photograph collecting niche will be quirky and particularly unique fashions. She, as viewed above, now graces the walls of my studio!

I really don't understand what is going on with her hat, but that is how she caught my eye. It is a bit like tissues coming out of a box. I almost wonder if it is better appreciated from the side; it seems like it might have a looping fan shape to the ribbon. I do however like the asymmetrical flare on her otherwise conservative dress. It also has great lines in the tailoring of the bodice. I almost missed the asymmetry and if it weren't for Kate pointing it out, may not have considered bringing this picture home. Thanks Kate :)

As a side note, but mostly related, there is another old stuffs shop in Salem, The Antiques Gallery on Pickering Wharf, which sports a clever sign with their stash of antique photos "Instant Ancestors!" I love it!


  1. I LOVE how serious she looks about it, too. Though in my head she's smirking and subtly "giving you the eye."

    Also my word verification word is hyman, clearly the singular form??? so that's amusing.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Ohmygosh, LOVE Salem! I really never think of going there to shop, but I really need to start. This print is interesting and amazing. Her facial expressions are so mesmerizing- they just make me want to know what she is thinking.

    Also, thank you so much for following my blog. It means so much to me! I adore your Etsy shop- you have such wonderful items. Be back soon!!


  3. Thank you Harpie & Amy for your comments. She really is a character. Now that I'm on a quest for more characters like her, I hope to find some 'doozies' ;)

    Amy, Witch City Consignment is an awesome spot for bargains. I've purchased a lot of nice stuff for the home there - fancy dishes, nice furniture. I also find cute vintage purses there occasionally. Their prices are really fair too.

    Another good spot for bargains is the thrift shop at Salem Mission on Margin St.
    I also dig the Savers in Danvers.

    Modern Millie is a cute vintage clothing & accessories consignment shop with reasonable prices too, right on the corner of the brickway in Salem:

  4. The thrift shop at The Mission is Second Chance Thrift Shop.