Friday, September 04, 2009

Is it a Tunic or a Dress?

TBD. Sometimes a design requires the hunt for the perfect fabric, other times the fabric inspires the design. That is the case this time. I had a piece of leather I had cut one of my leather corset leaf bodices out of that wants to be turned into either a tunic or a dress. My initial thoughts were tunic...but upon playing with some fabric around the house last night and today I am wondering if it might be a dress.

Here are the first peeks of an idea:

The lovely mauve and off white fabric you see is an antique kimono obi. The delicious giant buttons are vintage! I love recycling and repurposing fabric and buttons. To use the kimono obi fabric, I need to take it apart.

When I exposed part of the liner I discovered the makers mark (no not the whiskey), does anyone read Japanese characters? I'd love to know who made this as all kimonos and obis are meticulously and precisely hand sewn and this is the first stamp or label I have come across! This one, like a couple others I've worked with, had a lovely hidden silk lined pocket as well. I love the discovering little treasures like these. As the silk is in pristine condition I think it will find it's home in a purse in the near future.

Here is what it looks like day two. Part of the process is taking apart the first draft, which is simply pinned fabric and actually starting to tailor and assemble the item. Right now I am working on some organic, raised darts along the front waist. The idea is to cinch in the waist a bit, so it looks less sack like when the obi belt is tied around it. More later as the design progresses.

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