Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sick of Throwing Away Plastic Every Time You Buy Apples?

As a child born in the 80's I was one of the early recipients of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" programming. It stuck. Which is good. I remember in venues ranging from school to summer camp, receiving kid friendly education on the subject.

I'm known to pause for a moment to consider whether when given the choice to use a paper towel or electric hand dryer, which uses more resources and costs more to produce. I still do no know this answer. If you do, please enlighten me, it will shorten the length of my public restroom visits greatly. I have a similar dilemma with paper towels versus paper napkins in the office...which costs more to produce and uses more resources. And a never ending dilemma of which is better, paper or plastic. I'm working on bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.

I find myself obsessively recycling. I put my receipts into my wallet not for keeping track of my finances but rather to later recycle them. I'm a very avid sandwich bag reuser and plastic bag recycler. In a house with three cooks, we end up with lots of plastic bags (again...we are working on remembering our reusable grocery's getting better). I have even been on a personal campaign for the last few years to not put my produce in those "thrown-away-as-soon-as-you-get-home" produce bags, not a fan, on the poison list, gets upset when the bagger puts my produce in a produce bag anyway.

Last week however, my delicious, in season, perfectly ripe nectarines were massacred by the rest of my groceries! Crisis. Then I remembered I'd seen an Etsy artist with these cute mesh reusable produce bags a while back. Accordingly, Etsy being my source for all things good and desirable (aka handmade) I set off on a quest to find these produce bags and any other earth friendly, food protecting devices.

Below are eight of my favorites, with links to each in their respective stores.

Row 1 left to right: GrannyBJ, cottontopquilts, amyroseberlin, xunca
Row 2 left to right: amkdesigns, alohaokaaina, LoveForEarth, ficklefaerie

ROW 1: GrannyBJ's crocheted bags expand nicely to accommodate several fruits or veggies. cottontopquilt makes wonderful reusable sandwich bags. amyroseberlin uses a flexible mesh material with a satin drawstring and hand printed patches. xunca uses simple cotton muslin and gives you the option of having a graphic printed on it and to select the sizes you would like.

ROW 2: amkdesigns includes with her mesh produce bags a handy storage case with a convenient hook that you can attach to your reusable grocery bags. alohaokaaina uses nylon which is both waterproof, super light, and fits into a really small space so it's easy to transport. These are great for storing dry goods too. LoveForEarth uses netting with matching satin ribbon drawstring which slides easily. They offers two sizes in your order. ficklefaerie caters to the fashionista with color coordinated nylon mesh bags and matching storage pouch. She offers sets of six with varying sizes and different color options.

Remember, the "three R's" (it's not reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmatic anymore): REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

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