Friday, January 18, 2008

YazBerry Items Making the Treasury Lists at Etsy!

View the list here

YazBerry has started listing many new items in our Etsy Shop The artistic Etsians have picked up on how great YazBerry is and have been including YazBerry items in their Treasury lists. Above the Cutaway Bubble Throw Pillows are featured in a list of Worcester, MA based artisans!

Last night our handmade Gold & Silver Embroidered Handbag from India - Vintage, was featured on the main page! (Sorry guys, last night I couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot with my NEW LAPTOP!! and now the list is gone).


  1. This YazBerry Items are really good quality items.This handmade gold and silver Embroidered Handbag is very nice.

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  2. Thank you for your review Sanjeeda! I will keep my eyes open for more embroidered bags as that one has since sold!