Tuesday, September 18, 2007

stART on the Street was a huge success!

Photo by Punky of

Photo by Lisa B.

Photo by Christine Peterson, Telegram & Gazette

Be sure to visit the Worcester Telegram & Gazette today, look for the light blue box (as depicted below) and the heading "Slide Show", click on "stART on the Street '07" to view a quick slide show of the event. Be sure to click on the "captions" button so you can read about each image. 9/18/07

The turnout was incredible! Rumor has it that more than 20,000 people came to enjoy this years stART on the Street. I believe it! There was a river of people flowing by straight through from 11am to 6pm no joke.

Thank you to the many fantastic people that stopped by to say hello; Maria of Unique Boutik on Highland St. stopped by and really enjoyed the new YazBerry pieces. Miss Punky of a local style maven and fashion blogger stopped by to check out the goods and snap a few photos (see above). Be sure to check out her blog. Phil Raptis of the band Gold Star Campaign came by twice with his girlfriend Lisa and they were so great to cover the YazBerry booth for a little break. Gold Star Campaign will be playing at the Hotel Vernon September 28th!

Greg Roberts a local graphic designer and his girlfriend Jenny also stopped by a couple of times. As did YazBerry's official body sculptor, I mean Pilates instructor Nina Cerviatti- who is teaching 5+ classes this season! Look her up in the Worcester Night Life classes, at the YWCA and at Eaze Fitness. The booth was even graced by my old neighbor Julian Moseley! What a great day! Thank you all for stopping by and checking out the YazBerry new releases and saying hello!

Virginia spoke with 100's of amazing people at the festival- please drop me a line if you are one of them, I'd love your feedback and to be in touch with you. Also, your comments are invited in the YazBerry Guestbook and in the YazBerry myspace!

Stay tuned to in the next few weeks as many new pieces were premiered at the Art Festival and will be up for sale on the website soon!

Thank you everyone who made it out to this year's stART on the Street for a great event and great conversations!




  1. It was very nice to meet you.

  2. Fashion friends... be sure to visit Punky's fashion blog