Friday, January 05, 2007

Design Research in Venezuela & Ireland

Since the Grand Opening of YazBerry, Virginia has wandered off to Venezuela and Ireland, for traveling pleasure, work and design research. Dan has been researching the local design scene in Worcester, MA.

In November, Virginia traveled to Maracaibo, Venezuela with her Venezuelan friend Gabi. They were there during the local festival time and went to numerous concerts and clubs...great places to check out design ideas. Virginia carried a notebook with her all the time and was given lots of inspiration. They also went shopping quite a bit everywhere from malls to street markets to artisan stalls. Virginia collected a lot of inspiration which you will see in the next months on the YazBerry website.

While Virginia was in Venezuela, Dan checked out a local fashion show at Union Station in Worcester, MA. The show featured local designers and boutiques. He collected several ideas from this fashion show.

In December, Virginia's silly office job took her to their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland (no link needed as I am sure you all have a good idea of what Ireland is like). Dublin is very metropolitan and shopping is great there. Dublin City Centre has entire pedestrian only streets lined with 'high street' fashion. The stores carry all sorts of unique edgy designs as this is what people demand. Again, Virginia carried around her notebook and took down as many design ideas as possible. Don't worry, as soon as YazBerry owns a digital camera, designs that were recently finished and many newly inspired designs will begin appearing on check back often in the next several weeks as the camera is to be purchased imminently.


  1. I was at that fashion show too.
    How are we not friends?

  2. Seriously, that's what I thought too :) I'm probably going to check out this Fashion Show:

    Saturday, August 25th, 6:30-8:30pm, Annual SAORI Fashion Show (at studio or alternate location to be announced). Free, refreshments, live music & models!

    Last week's Worcester Magazine had more info in it, which I need to dig out.

    Thanks for reading,