Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chchchch Changes...lots of new items for sale!


Wow, the arrival of our digital camera has brought on lots of amazing changes to the YazBerry website. We are now offering all sorts of amazing vintage pieces- many of which we found just this weekend. Vintage picks by YazBerry are really special vintage items that we hope you've never seen anything like and can't find anywhere else. We look for unique, classic, trendy, exquisite, special items that will leave people asking you where you got them! We offer everything from 100% Authentic Versace corduroys to hard to come by Mary McFadden Couture from the 1970's. We have beautiful a beautiful Gold Brocade Dress from the 1960's which is very Jackie Kennedy. And this amazing to touch and look at black and white pencil skirt from the 1980's which Virginia did not want to give up but does not fit into...damn my love of cookies and desserts ;)

Dan has mastered 'the pop-up' so you can now click on key images all over our site to see them capture all of the beautiful detail we put into every YazBerry item. We have given you a small taste of the juicy Fashion and Decor items we will begin selling in the next week or so. Be sure to send us your comments for things you would like to see on the site, features you wish were there to make your YazBerry shopping experience divine. WE LOVE FEEDBACK! Thanks everyone!

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