Monday, January 13, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: The Peaceful Macabre

The Peaceful Macabre Collection is influenced by my time in Salem, MA. A city filled with witchcraft, fascination with occult and more psychics per capita than any other place I've lived. There is a famous old historic graveyard in the center of town, The Burying Point. It's been their since 1637 and is pretty creeping, not to mention some of the significant historic inhabitants. I am generally not a fan of graveyards but living in New England, there are a lot of neat old graveyards worth a stumble through. I became fascinated with the historic symbols on the headstones: skulls with angel wings. They were very popular back in that day and variations appear on most stones. I continue to be curious about gravestone symbolism. Here in Newfoundland, hands, especially pointing hands feature heavily on old gravestones. Pointing to heaven, shaking hands. Interesting iconography.

I also enjoy bones, finding them on the beach, carved bones (creepy I know). I have a skull, lots of animal teeth I have found, fish bones, insides of seagull beaks...creepy stuff on my curiosity shelf. If I ever get back to NYC I am stopping in the shop featured on Oddities for sure :-D This said The Peaceful Macabre Collection features skulls, bones and sea urchin quills. Dark, menacing components that I have reframed in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

The skulls I use are hand carved Mala beads. Mala beads are used in Buddist prayer and meditation and are used to count passages in meditation. Dark and very peaceful. Growing up landlocked I have thrived on having access to the ocean and beach combing. While North Atlantic sea urchins only produce small green quills, I discovered Asia Pacific sea urchins produce enormous quills varying in color and design. Combining all of the dark beauties into peaceful jewelry is something I love. Here are some members of The Peaceful Macabre Collection. Most are currently available on my Facebook page or on my Etsy store. Do you have a peaceful macabre side you wish to explore? Inspired by something you see but have a cool idea for something you really want? Message me and I would love to design something for you.

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