Friday, January 17, 2014

YazBerry Jewelry Collection: Leather Lace

The Leather Lace Collection features hand cut leather lace necklace, bracelets and earrings. I might even try a new ring concept soon! My leather lace collection is one of my most detailed and highest skilled techniques. I have written some background on my technique and inspiration before, and recently produced a short "making of" film which is available on youtube.

Bold and eye catching. Delicate like lace but with the strength of leather. Sometimes imitating metal, sometimes paper. Always distinct and free hand cut by me. Some producers use lasers to mass produce leather filigree jewelry. I do not. I pride myself in a steady hand and the ability to visually transfer a drawn design to leather by simply using small knives and piercing tools. I am good, really good. My free hand cut leather jewelry rivals and surpasses designs cut by lasers time and time again!

Most of these designs I can make in any color of leather or reproduce in similar look to what is featured. Many are currently available on my Etsy shop and on my facebook page. Inspired? Have a design you'd like to see in leather? Contact me to discuss custom jewelry options.

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