Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Ugly Sweater Party Season

The season opener falls just after Thanksgiving and you don't need a permit or a shotgun to participate. I caught wind of this concept last holiday season, but none of my clever friends (myself included) had the gumption to host. This year I've been invited to two ugly sweater parties. Sadly, the first was snowed out. But tonight, ladies and gentlemen, was my first official ugly sweater party.

When the invite was sent my way I was banking on the stash of ugly holiday sweaters my mother (sorry ma) had from when she worked at the schools. I searched her closet high and low, dug through her drawers. Looks like they were donated, so other ugly sweater party goers could have some prime wardrobe selections.

So this year, at my first ever ugly sweater holiday party, I did not wear a Christmas sweater. But not a total tragedy. Instead, the winner for ugliest sweater in our house, was my dad. With a gem from the '70's tagged "High Grade Western Wear" in delightfully wonderful shades of rust and yellow. I borrowed this beauty and rocked it with the best of 'em.

Happy Holidays!

Above: Andrea Nelson & I rocking our ugly sweaters. Hers really is as flourescent as it appears.

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