Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cello & Wooden Flute Jam at GAS Works!

In a rare moment of bravery and inspiration, I brought the cello & banjo to the store and played Bach Unaccompanied Suites on both the cello & banjo! Stared in a few tourist's photos and later in the day was joined by my Artist/Author/Musician friend Chris Dowgin on a collection of wooden flutes from around the world.

Chris is the author and artist behind the great book, "A Walk Through Salem" which depicts stories about some of the characters and places one can find on an pleasant walk through Salem, MA. Characters include our neighbor and musician friend Mamadou Diop, world renowned African drummer, who is known to invite you to take tea with him, and a strong sweet brew it is!

I wish we had made a least one video clip of our improvisational jam as it sounded pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We will have to do this again before the season is out and record a bit of it! Here are some pictures of our lovely faces!

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