Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's Official: I'm Opening a YazBerry Fashion Storefront in Salem MA

In early April, I applied for one of 4 stalls on Artists' Row in Salem, MA and just last week heard the excellent news that I have been selected from a group of 14 applicants, to receive an artist space!!!

I will be sharing the space with a potter, Bradley Backer of Impart Art. We've been in there the last few days doing some renovation work. A few years ago the space was outfitted as a take out restaurant. Accordingly, Steve & I had to rip out the old take out counter and will patch the floor with cement.

Here are some progress pictures for your curiosity:
My space is a long rectangle roughly 16.5" by 9.5". This is the front portion as you enter the doors.
This is the back portion. Steve and I tore out this counter and the bright green will be painted a light gray.
I'm lucky Steve has a lot of construction knowledge. I had no idea you could chip out bricks with a chisel and hammer. Really tough work. Thank you Steve!!
The counter is gone and there is a hole we will patch with cement. Another great skill Steve has.
Me cleaning up on day 1. I think we made a lot of progress today!

Stay tuned for the next installments of our progress of remodeling and setting up a YazBerry Fashion store in Salem, MA.

Oh, also, this is fun and exciting: part of the agreement for being awarded a store space is that I will be offering free classes, workshops and performances on fashion design, sewing and more! I'll post the class offerings here.


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Yippeee Virginia! I'm so happy for you. lots of love, Kate PS- I missed your birthday and am incredibly sorry i didn't call you. my very bad. hope you had a great day!!!!

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    "Performances on fashion design and sewing"? Is that like "Virginia and Her Singing Singer"?!

  3. Kate, no worries. It was v. casual I didn't even have cake?!?!? Betty- love it! There may be some musically inclined performances. Have to get ideas approved so the list is pending, but my proposal did mention some musicking. Performance description: Virginia hums a harmony line to the melody of her buzzing sewing machine. Haha :)