Thursday, March 11, 2010

YazBerry Featured Handbag Designer

I was excited to check my email today and discover that I was selected as the featured handbag designer on Handbag Designer 101. Check out YazBerry on Handbag Designer 101 and please leave a comment on that page showing your support :)

Here is their interview of me:
"One of the first things I sewed as a kid was a bag I based off of a cereal box. It was quilted in bold colors and mixed patterns and had a large appliqued butterfly on it. People responded well to it and were always surprised when I told them I made it. My bag designs are often inspired by the fabric. I see fabric in my travels and think, hmm this would look great paired with this and shaped like that. I find it is easier to let the fabric steer the design than come up with an awesome design and search for the perfect fabric.

I mostly use fabric in my handbag designs. I find it easy to manipulate and love the vibrant colors and patterns to choose from. I like to say YazBerry will leave people asking you where you got it. I design for the treasure hunters. Women who seek out unique items with vintage details and bold colors. YazBerry bags are special because they always hide a unique, bold liner, they often incorporate recycled materials and you've never seen one like them before. Also, they are often one of a kind. Since I knew how to sew before college, I got involved in costume design at my college theater. From there, I entered designs in the college fashion shows and continued designing after. My surname is Berry and raspberry or strawberry seemed too expected so in 2005 my label became YazBerry.

When I shop for handbags I'm just as interested in what's inside as what's out. I keep this in mind when designing my handbags I love making surprising liners and useful organizing pockets; pen slots, cell phone slots and small item pockets. I make all of my own patterns, often I make them as I am sewing the purse. Most of the time this works but the worst is when I underestimate a piece and cut something from a vintage fabric (limited quantity) and then either have to redesign the bag with a different fabric or different design all together.

Nightmare design stories are always great lessons. Either mistakes lead me down the path of a new design I wouldn't have otherwise come up with or they teach me a valuable lesson of what not to do next time. It's all worth it because it's thrilling to see my finished designs on stylish ladies arms. My line reminds me of a candy store or eastern bazaar in its varied colors and textures; like candy or ice cream. My greatest achievement so far was to be invited to show my purses paired with Vivienne Tam & Tibi designs at a fashion show in Boston for the launch of The Fashion Reporter online magazine in 2009."

Picture and quote featured on 3/11/10.

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