Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Don't Believe in Resolutions I Believe in Goals

Believe. I realized I did not make a New Year's Resolution this year. Then I thought about it, and realized rarely do I. Like birthdays, I try not to put to much weight or power in the hands of the changing of the year.

I do however believe in goals and to do lists. I'm a bit of a to do list junkie. They live on post its on my desk, on my dashboard in the car, slipped into my cell phone, stuck to the kitchen cabinet. I keep the Post-It company in business! I like the satisfaction of checking off completed items, crumpling up the list and throwing it in the recycling bin!

My goals this year are both business and personal. Once I complete my January goals, which have been looming since November and before actually, I can begin on my 2010 goals. I have actually already begun my personal goal.

Did you ever notice people get fat when they find someone they love and live with them? Well it's true and my waist line can attest to that. Both of our waistlines can (sorry Steve :) ). Accordingly, it is of absolute necessity that I shed 15-20 pounds and keep it off. 3 lbs lost, 12-17 to go. I've already begun eating better. We invested in a juicer and we LOVE it! Best $33 ever spent...we got the cheap one at Target. Works great and easy to clean! Try 1/2 beet, 1 celery stick and 1 apple! C'est magnifique!!!

My January goals are all custom work people have asked me to do. I've been working on a huge custom order for several months: 10 quilted tablecloths! My musician friend brought back some lovely woven dish towels from Sweden which she wanted as focals in these table cloths. She has some enormous 9'x4' tables! 1.75 done, 8.25 to go. Once I complete this, my dad has a 2 year old request for me to finish making him a winter cap (think the tweed cabby style) and my mom has a slightly more recent request for a dresser sash made from some of my antique kimono obis.

Lofty goals, but that keeps me on task.

My YazBerry goal for 2010 is to make and list for sale one new item each day. I understand some complex handmade items may take more than one day, but I prefer to set a goal slightly unattainable because sometimes you can surprise yourself and actually reach it!

I've been collecting new materials and supplies for the last few months and have a ton of new ideas I can't wait to work on! I'm very excited and looking forward to completing my January goals.

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