Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Repurposed Antique Spools

I've been wanting to include a free gift with purchase for a while and finally came up with a fun idea. I had a bag of antique wooden spools I've been trying to find a purpose for for a few years. I also have a scrap fabric stash that needs depleting.

Take one part antique wooden spool, one part scrap fabric, throw them in a blender with a little Modge Podge, thread them with leather, top them off with a wooden bead and you have a super cute keychain!

I like that while simple, these are useful, vintage and fabric - which are representative of the type of products in my YazBerry Store!

Even Steven (hehe...) helped with the project. Upon frustratingly and painfully trying to twist too tight wooden beads onto the leather, Steve had the inspiration to use...the...drill! Brilliant. Thanks for the help Steve! This expedited the process significantly! He also helped with some of the Modge Podge stuffs we did to the spools to preserve the labels and such.


  1. You are so awesome and creative! What a fun post!

  2. Thank you Suzy! I have fun doing these sorts of things.