Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Dad Says: "Bring Back the Hankies"

In my quest of late for more green solutions in my life, I came across this innovative etsy seller She makes so many delightful, affordable, reusable products I am interested in adding several of them to my shopping cart right now.
From in order, as read like a book, are (click on the link to go directly to the product page: reusable travel size tissues, reusable sandwich wraps/snack baggies, reusable sandwich bags lined with EVA, reusable mop pads for Swiffer type mops, reusable paper towel replacement.

My father has always sworn by hankies aka handkerchiefs aka kerchiefs...good old fashioned reusable tissues! They are hard to come by in stores these days, though you can usually find a boring, men's version in nicer department stores. I love the colorful, soft variety that moocowmomma has available with the smart, travel sized pouch. So smart, and as hankies were a part of my childhood laundering experience, super easy to throw in the wash and surprisingly don't make anything else gross. Everyone comes out clean in the end ;)

Moocowmomma is a true innovator, offering unique solutions to basic household needs. Her sandwich wraps are a fine example of this; they are unique in design and versatile in utility. They can be used for your sandwich, or for any variety of snacks. Like many of her products, one should use their imagination to explore the many possible uses of each.

A great option with all of moocowmomma's reusable cloth options, is that she lets you customize the colors and fabric. For options on her available choices, visit: a album she directs shoppers to from her store.

Moocowmomma's sandwich bags are customizable too. You can pick the fabric and in some of her listings she offers different bag sizes as well. While there are other sellers out there making reusable sandwich bags, what I really like about moocowmomma's is that she is lining them with EVA, a food safe vinyl product. This also makes them easy to clean.

And now for my two favorite products in moocowmomma's store. I intend to invest in some of these! I love the reusable wet dry mop pads. Designed for Swiffer style mops and similar products. These are a true cost saver considering how much a pack of disposable mop pads costs and knowing how long of a life flannel has (I know, I had the same set of well loved sheep print flannel bed sheets for probably 15 years!!! (they might still even be in the linen closet at my parent's house ;) ).

Okay, back from purchasing my own set of the lovely reusable paper towel replacements. (Sorry folks, the above link will now take you to the sold item page, however, moocowmomma relists items often, so you should be able to get your own set from there). When I first found moocowmomma's store, I fell in love with these reusable paper towels. BRILLIANT! For ten bucks plus shipping, you can get reusable fabric towels that can be used in any way you would use a paper towel. They are super absorbant, lint free (so you can do the windows), colorful, totally washable and will last as long as my favorite childhood flannel bedsheets! (i.e. forever). I already use t-shirt pieces for general household rags. Which I love and highly recommend you do, but they don't behave like a paper towel wood in some instances. Moocowmomma's paper towel replacements pick up where my t-shirts fall short. I also love how cost effective they are.

Her product offering also includes cloth dinner napkins, reusable produce bags, as well as some particularly innovative reusable products including reusable toilet paper and reusable feminine products, the insertable sort as well as the pads. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give up toilet paper for the reusable I'm not keen on the washing them after aspect of things, however, the prospect for softness does sound alluring.

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  1. I love hankies too! Check out the handkerchiefs from Happy Hanky. They have fun designs and colors.