Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Does the Muse Strike During a Bout of Insomnia?

Last night (this morning) my mind decided that sleeping was not an option. No biggie. It started off with a splitting headache to which I said..."ok headache, if you plan to keep me from sleeping, I am going to be productive and make something." I grabbed a scrap of leather I had intended for a cuff style bracelet.

Lounging in my living room by the windows with the best cool air flow (it's been a sauna this air flow is essential), box cutter, cutting board and scissors in hand I set off on an ex..PER..iment *said in booming announcers voice. Per the suggestion in the ebay description when I bought my most recent batch of leather, I set off to make delicate lace like designs. The following is my first attempt:

It did not occur to me until about 4 AM that I had dabbled with similar cutting thoughts before. My grandma had this cool Japanese Cut Paper Art book that I played with when I was a kid (she had all sorts of great art books and sewing supplies etc.; fun babysitter!). I've since acquired this book and dug it out and started flipping through.

Huge mistake (brilliant idea). I was so inspired by the textures I grabbed my essential bedside post-it notes and started flagging images that grabbed my attention. Often small portions, especially textiles and floral motifs, found in more elaborate images. That was it, I was done for, no chance of shut eye pre-sunrise.

I grabbed the sketchbook I'm slowly trying to fill for the Sketchbook Project...pardon the interruption but this is a cool project I want to point out to anyone with any interest in making art what-so-ever. It is this cool collaborative art project (one of several organized by the Art House Co-Op) in which participants fill a sketchbook and submit it to a traveling sketchbook library. Then, exhibit (library) patrons can check out the sketchbooks like a book and take them home to peruse the pages first hand! Brilliant! Like making art? You should seriously consider participating :)

Woo Woo, ok, the train is back on the track. So I grabbed my sketchbook and started drafting ideas I had for cuffs. I came up with a couple last night (this morning) then woke at 10:30 (5 hours of sleep, really muse?) and sat down with the Japanese Cut Art book for a while and came up with several more designs. I am extremely excited about this project. Here is what I've done so far:

Be sure to check out the below link on Japanese Cut Paper Art. It is an incredibly beautiful art form. I have always been enchanted by it. This is a cool step by step video on the process.

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