Monday, July 06, 2009 Reaches 100 Items For Sale!

Happy 100 items for sale for the first time day! In honor of this landmark moment, I've put a bunch of stuff on sale. Be sure to check out everything!!

Let me introduce to you my 100th item: 4 in 1 Reversible Bikini - Fuchsia and Gold - YazBerry - Handmade

This suit is the best swimsuit design I've found, it's adjustable all around and will fit you if you lose or gain a few pounds. It's 4 suits in 1! Both top and bottom are reversible between fuchsia with silver fish and stars and solid gold allowing 4 combinations. Back ties are topped off with wooden beads. Adjustable ties at neck, back and hips.

Available in S, M, L & XL, available for immediate shipment is S, if you need a different size, please message me at the time of order and allow 1 week for me to make it. I will happily mix and match top and bottoms sizes.


  1. Hey there miss! Just wanted to let you know I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, if you or anyone else is interested!!

  2. Awesome! Feel free to post the direct link :)