Friday, August 01, 2008

New York Isn't the Only Place with a Garment District

It has been a long, challenging personal debate as to whether I should divulge a vintage shopping secret or keep it all to my self...due to the sheer size of this vintage shopping secret, I am confident there is enough to go I guess I will share.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, sit back in your seats and get comfortable, for what I am about to unveil could change your life forever. The mother load, the Mecca of all vintage Mecca's, the cat's meow. Dear Gentles, allow me to introduce to you: The Garment District in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. Think TJMaxx for size and variety, only clear the racks of all of the new clothes and fill them with vintage clothing as far as the eye can see.

Now keep that image in focus and brace yourselves for something even greater...this weekend and this weekend only, The Garment District is having a store wide 50% off sale!!! That is 50% off of EVERYTHING!! That's right, you heard me correctly. Now if you are in the Boston area, or a reasonable 1 hour drive from it, you really should take a little trip to The Garment District this weekend. You won't be sorry!

P.S. Almost as cool as the store wide 50% off sale, is that the following day they clear every single item of clothing off of their racks and restock the entire store with a fresh supply of vintage goodness!

NOTE: The above image is from and was found there on August 1, 2008.


  1. whoo hoo! thanks for the tip!

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful! Happy treasure hunting and maybe I'll see you there!