Tuesday, August 14, 2007

YazBerry Recommends: Oh My Stars: A Novel, By Lorna Landvik

It's funny when you visit your grandparents after not seeing them regularly for several months, how they come off being far more quirky than you remembered. Or maybe it is just that you notice their quirks more.

My grandpa is the only man I know that is easy to buy for: give him a gift certificate to a bookstore and he is as happy as a clam. (Side note: why on earth do we say 'as happy as a clam'? Silly colloquial phrase whose origin has fallen victim to fading time). Grandpa will read anything. He loves to read, so does my father for that matter.

While I was home over Memorial Day (note 100 pounds of fabric episode)my grandfather handed me this book Oh My Stars: A Novel, By Lorna Landvik. "Here, I thought of your YazBerry stuff when I was reading this book. The girl in the book does fashion stuff like you do. You might like it."

This is the first book recommended to me by Grandpa, so I thought, "hmm, well it's worth a try, it's not too thick, I might be able to get through it." I must admit I haven't gotten through many books for pleasure since College temporarily (I hope) killed my love a reading as a pastime. I dove into it on my flight home and couldn't put it down. This book is that good.

Violet Mathers is the main character and she has a truly sad childhood. But, she designs and hand makes some incredible clothing, which is her lifeline during her troubles. I don't want to give away too much of the plot as I hate when I know too much. some point after her childhood she hooks up with this awesome band and tours with them. Landvik taps into every single one of your emotions as she takes you on the roller coaster ride that is Violet Mathers life. It honestly brought tears to my eyes and then the next page would bring a huge smile and even a chuckle.

You really should pick it up- it's a page turner and an enjoyable easy read. And, an underlying theme throughout is the fashion piece...intriguing, I know. Also, may I just comment that the texture of the paperback cover is quite appealing: the landscape is matte finish and the guitar is glossy (refer to my confession to understand why I would even notice this). When you do get yourself a copy either check it out from your library or buy it from your favorite Ma and Pa bookstore. Did you know that many used bookstores will order books for you if they don't have them on the shelf and that they are often cheaper than the national chains?

At least in the case of my favorite used bookstore around the corner, Ben Franklin Bookstore they will help you with this. The Dan and I go in there all the time with miscellaneous book search requests. Be sure to frequent them if you live in the area. I love this store by the way...they have two of the most cuddly cutest cats on the planet! Yay catbabies! One which they rescued from the ally this winter...a cute super furry baby!

Landvik, Lorna. Oh My Stars: A Novel. New York: Ballentine Books, 2006.

ISBN-10: 0345468368
ISBN-13: 978-0345468369

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