Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Mile Long Buffet and a Spice Girls Convention

How did the Spice Girls Convention end up in Worcester and no one told me? Last night Shrewsbury St. in Worcester, MA was covered in Spice Girl impersonators strutting their stuff down the mile long buffet that was "Taste of Shrewsbury St.".

I know you think I'm half-baked or something. Here's the deal: Shrewsbury St. in Worcester is home to over 35 restaurants and bars. A densely packed smorgasbord for the taste buds! Once a year, all of the restaurants spoil the community by offering a virtually free sampling of some of their finest foods. For $25 (if you plan your social life in advance) or for $30 (the night of), you can purchase a button that allows you access to the gourmet food offerings in some of the finest eating establishments Central Massachusetts has to offer.

Each restaurant sets up a table were you can try a variety of foods. The delectable delights ranged from mussels to gellato to sushi and shish kabobs! Mr. Daniel Yazlovitsky, my partner in crime and I agreed that our absolute favorite offering on the street was a mini-meal complete with salad, entree and dessert from the Flying Rhino Cafe. Guests were treated to a cranberry walnut lettuce salad, some indescribably delicious ravioli (rumored by Mrs. Anne-Marie Corbett to be called their "rain forest ravioli") and a moist raisin cake dessert. This is definitely a restaurant we will be frequenting in the near future!

As Dan and I have sampled only a handful of these restaurants for dinner, we took this as an opportunity to pre-date each restaurant and grade them for compatibility with our pampered palates. (As as side bar I should mention that Dan and I love to cook gourmet meals at home and sample any and every cuisine we can get our mitts on! I should also mention that Dan is a closet chef and has his way with any and every food that crosses his kitchen). Another favorite palate pleaser was the Pearl Oyster, who spoiled us with a cup full of spicy mussel soup complete with four mussels in the shell and a spicy tomato and chorizo broth. MMMMMMM

Finally, Dan and I were able to sample the slow hickory wood char-grilled meats at Pampas Churrascaria. This Brazilian restaurant served the most delicious meat on the whole mile long buffet line! Speaking of buffet lines, they have a daily buffet that offers a sampling of all of the tastiest Brazilian dishes. We will also be returning to this restaurant soon. The hickory aroma taunts us everyday on the way home from the cube farm. (We drive down this street twice daily).

What about the Spice Girls? What about them, oh my, may I just say while strutting your stuff down the boulevard on a beautiful summer evening is quite lovely and wonderful and encouraged, there were a shocking number of girls and women that resembled the Spice Girls. YazBerry readers please note, the skin color and hair color your were born with are probably the most complementary colors for you. Also, while I love makeup, especially funky eye makeup (gold dust anyone? sparkly teal? two of my staples), when you can't see the person underneath the makeup, frankly, it's scary. Not to mention the off the concert stage Spice Girl Fashions these women were sporting. (BTW may I just mention that I am a proud owner of a Sporty Spice collectible Barbie Doll?!?! given to me by Miss Jessica Raymond as a gag gift for a costume birthday party I had in High School!)

My fashion friends and readers: this announcement is for you: embrace your individuality! Don't hide under so much makeup so you look like you just walked off a stage- let you freckles and flaws show us it's you! Be sure to wear clothes you love, not clothes that everyone is wearing. is here to help you nurture your individuality, your unique you-ness. Come check us out! Everything is designed and handmade by yours truly, well except for the vintage- the vintage is carefully selected to be as close to mint condition as possible and so unique that no one else will have the same beautiful piece!


  1. I just want to say that I love reading your blogs. I've seen a couple people looking like what you've described and every time I do I can't help but laugh out loud. I don't mean to be a bitch, but if a person is going to go out of their house looking like that, they deserve to be laughed at. Keep up the awesome blogs. Miss you tons.

  2. Pampas is so good...if your ever in Hyannis go to the Brazilian grill on main st. Its even better.

  3. Megan- I'm Glad you enjoy my blog...I figure someone has to issue public service announcements along these lines :)

  4. Punky ;) Like the name. I will have to make a special field trip to Hyannis...though I'm not sure where Hyannis is :) Fairly new to Mass. Mapquest here I come.