Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It was 25 Years Ago Today, Virginia Berry Taught the Band to Play!

On May 2, 1982, Designer, Virginia E. Berry was born...

on May 2, 2006, came to life!

Happy Birthday to Virginia & YazBerry!!!

So apparently I am now (*in big echoing voice*) a quarter of a century old! My mother so kindly reminded me of this on my Birthday. Actually, I think it's kind of clever...'so how old are you anyway?' 'precisely one quarter of one century old.'

It's amazing how quickly they grow in their first year! (~:o) ) YazBerry has doubled in popularity and size consistently each month. In the business world that is quite desierable. More trendsetters are discovering how great YazBerry goods really are.

In honor of such celebratory occasion, we have added several new items we know people will ask you about:

1970's Disco Bag

Dancing Queen, young and sweet, with her Disco Bag.

Click here to shop for this bag!

Green Cut-Away Placemat

Allow your table to peek through your placemat.

Click here to shop for this placemat!

Cloth Vines

Fabric leaves bloom out of wire stems with semi-precious stone buds. For those Dark Corners of the House that need Brightening Up.

Click here to shop for these cloth vines!

Handmade Purse from India

Can't decide if gold or silver is your favorite? Then this bag is for you; embroidered gold on one side, silver on the other -- for all your metallic moods.

Click here to shop for this purse!

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